Express Lunch at Nam Nam, Greenbelt 5, Makati

Who would love to have Filipino comfort food after undergoing major surgery? Well I do…eagerly raising my hand.

There’s this new restaurant in Greenbelt that offers comfort Filipino food. We’ve visited this restaurant thrice already and never fails to satisfy our hungry stomach. Not only that the place offers a place for good conversation with friends and family, it also serves appetizing, tasteful food.


Price is just right and you can choose the size of serving. My husband and I particularly like that one because we always have to struggle to finish our order every time we eat out. My husband ending up being the sweeper 😊.

Anyway, here are some of what we’ve tried so far. They also the twist version. More like fancier version.


Salt and Pepper Squid (small)
It’s I think our 2nd time to order squid in this restaurant. The one we ordered before was Baby Squid Adobo. Same as the adobo, the squid is not chewy and doesn’t smell awful. Salt and Pepper Squid is sprinkled with chili powder, diced chili which gives the spiciness that doesn’t hurt the tongue then balanced with salty diced fried garlic.

Beef Belly Bulalo (small)
Beef is cooked right..succulent beef.. Although fish sauce can be prominently tasted in it’s soup, it goes well with the nicely cooked rice.

I especially liked this one. Served in a glass that showcases all the ingredients. Bottom portion showing small pearls and diluted coconut milk, followed by crushed ice and panocha, then finely crushed ice blended with coconut meat and coconut water, sprinkled with pinipig. Refreshing drink on a 35degreeC temperature.

Melon Shake
Made from real melon fruit. Though too sweet.

These were the ones we tried in our previous visit. The baby squid adobo is a must-try. We liked the (cannot remember exact name) crab omelete, fried zucchini flower and tortang talong we ordered in our first visit. Though don’t have picture here.


Service? Attentive, friendly staff. Efficient and trained, considering it’s a small restaurant.
Ow did I mention presentation of food is inviting? 👍

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